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Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

Violence and aggression are often used interchangeably, with subtle distinctions differentiating the two. Aggression is an umbrella term that encompasses violence and is defined as actions that lead to harm towards self, others, or objects, while violence is defined as actions that lead to harm, specifically toward other individuals (Newman, 2012). Aggression, according to the 3-factor approach initially detailed by investigators from the New York State Hospital system, is categorized into three types of assault: impulsive, predatory/organized, and psychotic. Impulsive aggression was the most common type at 54%, with predatory/organized type (29%) and psychotic type (17%) trailing behind (Quanbeck CD, 2007; Meyer et al., 2016). This episode aims to explore the management of agitation, aggression, and violence in the inpatient setting.


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