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Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast

Jun 23, 2023

In this episode, Dr. David Puder, Dr. Kristin Lasseter, and medical student Cara Jacobson discuss treatment of psychiatric illness in the peripartum period.


Dr. Kristin Yeung Lasseter is a renowned reproductive psychiatrist who has dedicated her career to the intersection of mental health and reproductive medicine. 


As the founder of Reproductive Psychiatry and Counseling, Dr. Lasseter has been instrumental in expanding access to reproductive psychiatry services in Texas but also worldwide through her teaching and online presence. Through her steadfast devotion to comprehending the singular hurdles faced by individuals as they navigate the reproductive journey, she has garnered immense respect within the field.


Dr. Kristin Yeung Lasseter's profound contributions to advancing women's mental health in Central Texas have been recognized through the prestigious Association of Women Psychiatrists Symonds Fellowship in 2018. Through her expertise, compassion, and advocacy, she is transforming lives and dismantling the stigma associated with perinatal mental health.


Of note, this episode, and the article below is for information purposes only and we recommend talking with a specialist doctor when considering what is the risk and benefits of particular medications in an individual's specific situation. 

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